A condominium is a community, and for us, this means paying attention to everyone: the first-time buyers, young families, the investors, those who have sold their homes and are scaling back, and those who are renting. Everyone wants to live well. Each of us has a unique perspective and something to offer. What is a community if not a collection of diverse individuals living in harmony? When everyone is looked after and their concerns are made to matter – people start to want to live in that community and participate in its vigor. We have seen that when this is done well, value increase for everyone – beyond standard economic drivers.

Statistics from the provincial government and Stats Canada show that every year more and more people are buying condos. This purchase must be managed well – because it will mean the difference between a secure financial future or a burdensome long term debt. Stellar Condos understands that management has an important role to play in achieving a positive return on this large investment.

Stellar Condominium Management Ltd. is an Edmonton based, full service residential condominium management firm. We are licensed in the City of Edmonton and the City of Leduc and carry both Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance. To keep informed, Stellar Condos is a member, and volunteers, for the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) North Alberta Chapter; we are continuously involved in educational courses and events. We keep our finger on the pulse of this changing world, stay ahead of any changes to legislation, standards and practices, so we are never caught off guard.

Our Approach

We build lasting relationships with our condominium boards; this makes it possible for boards to look ahead to the future, develop long-term goals and bring their vision to life. Our goal is to have successful, sustainable, and enjoyable condominium experiences for all owners – now and in the future.

Our approach is plain and simple; we specialize in condominiums.  We focus on what we see as the four pillars of successful condominium management: accurate financials, solid administration, stable governance and preventative maintenance. When these pillars are firmly established, the board can rest assured that there is a solid foundation upon which it can build a happy and sustainable community and that all residents have a home they love to live in.

To establish these pillars, there needs to be a constructive relationship between the board and management. We believe in empowering condominium boards by sharing knowledge and encouraging a holistic view. The board, the condo owners and the residents – each have unique needs. We also know that quality information is what empowers a board member to be at their best. Simply put: we work hard so that you can make the right decision at a board meeting, and go on with your life when the meeting is over.